Interior design and furniture project which was designed for a house in Canyamel with dreamlike views. A furniture project has been developed where the enjoyment of the views was sought at all times and the natural light received from practically all angles of the house.The clean and minimalist style, by using simple lines and materials like natural stone, elegant and carefully planned.


Interior architectural project of a house, where the main focus was to enjoy the incredible views of this house located on the seafront. Sober lines, combination of warm materials and lots of light make this home become a design with large spaces but at the same time welcoming. The exterior becomes a main element on the house.



Integral reform project in the well-known Blanquerna street, Palma de Mallorca. Development of a modern and spacious project, where every detail has been designed. With the combination of natural materials a warm, elegant and sober home is created.


A new series of 31 select seafront townhouses in one of Palma’s most charming neighbourhoods, El Molinar. Exclusive homes superbly located opposite El Molinar Sailing Club and just a short distance from Palma’s old quarter.

Molinar Mar’s townhouses have been skilfully integrated into the surrounding area, thanks to their top-quality materials and typically Mallorcan combination of white and earthy shades. These exclusive seafront homes have been designed to combine maximum comfort with the traditional essence of the Mediterranean.



We are working in the best golf club in the island, T-GOLF COUNTRY CLUB. Sneak previews of our work. Interior Architecture


Turnkey project of an attic in the downtown of Palma that includes 149m² and 86m² of terraces. Its design shows purity and simplicity forming clearly defined spaces. Its sober lines and warm materials make it bright and cosy.

The spacious attic living room occupies a large part of the space becoming a key area of this house. The terrace, which is almost as large as the house, offers a solarium, chill-out area with a jacuzzi from which partial views of the cathedral are enjoyed and is made with materials that require little maintenance. Fine interior materials give this house a timeless character.



Complete integral reform project in a single-family house located in a privileged location of Costa d'en Blanes. A modern home whose interior design creatively exploits the special light of the Mediterranean, with wide and bright spaces and open views of the sea from all rooms; with an interior design that highlights the use of natural materials where stone and oak predominate, perfectly combining personality and elegance.



Turnkey project in a single-family home located in a residential area of Santa Ponsa. Its design shows purity and simplicity forming clearly defined spaces. Its interior design takes advantage of all natural light and creates spacious and bright spaces with views of the garden and the sea. Its sober lines and natural materials where stone and oak predominate, combine to create a personal, warm and elegant space.



Turnkey complete reform project of an exclusive 140m2 apartment, located in the quiet residential area of Illetas. All the rooms of the house are facing south, which being located on the front line, you can see unsurpassed views of the entire bay of Illetas. The apartment is endowed with large, spacious and very bright spaces, which together with noble materials such as oak and stone, make up the integral design of the project.


Interior design project of a terraced house located in Santa Catalina, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Palma de Mallorca. The project has been carried out to highlights the use of traditional natural materials and custom-designed furniture to enhance the Mediterranean character of the different spaces of the house.



A stunning Villa of 720m² surface and a plot area of 1,048m² with sea views, located in Costa d'en Blanes, southwest of Palma de Mallorca. Turnkey project, managing interior design and interior architecture, designed to maximize open spaces, in combination with the use of light, creating the perfect ambience to enjoy its spectacular views from anywhere in the house.



Interior design and architecture project of an exclusive 425m2 house to rediscover the spectacular Mediterranean quality of life, located in the peaceful residential area of Cala Major, southwest of Palma de Mallorca. A modern and spaciousness home designed with care, where every element plays its proper role. It is ideal for a whole family and their guests. This property takes advantage of the energy of the Mediterranean climate, with large and bright spaces opened to its private garden that is inviting to be enjoyed through the year.



New upcoming turnkey project managing not only interior design but also the architecture of a unique home located in the magnificent town of Santa Ponça, southwest of Mallorca. This house sublimates the energy of the Mediterranean climate and style with outdoor spaces that are inviting to be enjoyed throughout the year, in constant dialogue with practical interiors furnished with custom designs and noble materials.



Finished interior design project in Mallorca a semi-detached house located in one of the most charming neighbourhoods of Palma de Mallorca. The house combines and highlights the traditional values of the surrounding area, combining spacious interior design with large windows and the use of noble materials such as stone that give personality and integrate the property with the environment to perfection.



Interior design project developed in a Historic Mansion in the old town of Palma de Mallorca. The biggest challenge of the project was to create a unique space through a completely new, open and tailored interior redistribution for the different spaces of the house, improving the habitability and circulation between the different rooms.

All this also maintaining the main elements such as the wooden beams of the ceiling and using traditional materials such as the Mallorcan stone chosen by the studio and natural oak wood, a palette of materials and colours specially selected to maintain the style of this Traditional Mallorcan architecture.



Ambitious interior design project for a new upcoming hotel in the prestigious hills of Portals. A grand hotel project with spectacular views of the sea and towards the city of Palma illuminated in the distance. The main aim is to create a clean and pure design, which focuses on functionality, giving space to each room by having an open bathroom concept to make the most of the space. Natural Mallorcan stone is used throughout on various surfaces, as well as a light oak wood which will be the chosen floor material for most of the project.


Fleming Suites, a new concept of tourist apartments in Palma de Mallorca. The main aim of this architecture and interior design project is the renovation of a modernist building located in the Fleming square, creating a clean and pure style.

A careful selection, within a wide variety of natural materials, and a light interior design in all areas highlight the concept of simplicity and sophistication. The elaborated interior design project completes this design thanks to the selection and design of minimalist furniture.



The interior architectural design of this Villa in Mallorca offers a clean and light concept which embraces the natural light that comes in at all angles. The materials chosen for the entire project are light natural stone and oak, they highlight the light that flows through the house. This idea has also been in mind with the proposed furniture, where simplicity and light are the main features.



A unique interior architecture project for a group of apartments located in the seafront of Palma de Mallorca. Thanks to using natural materials, a careful selection of furniture and the natural light that surrounds this construction, the design keeps its Mediterranean touch whilst still maintaining its contemporary features, creating the ideal place to enjoy the best views of Palma Bay.



Turnkey project carried out for a house that is developed throughout a building with a lot of character, 200m2 of surface and 95m2 of terraces, located in Santa Catalina, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Palma. A contemporary design tailored to maximize the space and light of the Mediterranean, maintaining the traditional constructive characteristics of Mallorca thanks to the use of materials such as white marble, light oak floors, wrought iron and wooden beams. The equipment and furniture chosen by the studio are the perfect complement to enjoy both the interior and exterior of the homes.



Ambitious turnkey project of a home designed for a family to maximize space, functionality and habitability. Although it is a newly built house, natural materials such as Mallorcan stone have been used for the facade. Continuing inside with striking oak wood panels and a completely customized design and selection of furniture, to achieve a fresh, cozy and timeless atmosphere.



Interior architecture project for the refurbishment of an apartment in the heart of Palma, in which the traditional style of the area and the modern style of the inside come together. Sober lines, warm materials and plenty of light make this apartment spacious but cosy. The use of fine, natural materials such as oak wood, stone and wrought iron give this dwelling a value that will live into the future, moving away from fleeting trends.



Turnkey project for this downtown and spacious 160m² penthouse in Palma de Mallorca. The project design shows purity and simplicity forming clearly defined spaces. Thanks to the new interior layout, all living spaces enjoy natural light. This project is completed by the selection, furniture design and tailor-made decoration. Using warm materials and the quality of finishes bring this apartment an incredibly bright, cozy and timeless look.



An interior design project designed to enjoy the incredible views of this Villa facing the sea. Designed with large spaces and using huge windows in each of the rooms becomes the exterior of the property in another element of the house. The proposal of minimalist furniture and a palette of warm colours brings the relaxed and Mediterranean look to this project.



This interior design and decoration project was performed to enjoy the spectacular views of the bay of Palma and the natural light that reaches every angle of this fantastic apartment. With an open concept design, living room, dining room and kitchen are integrated thanks to selected furniture, decoration and tailor-made furniture design with natural materials and traditional elements such as oak wood or Mallorcan tiles, giving this project a timeless charm. This project is completing by outdoor furniture that invites you to enjoy the terrace throughout the year.



An interior design project focused on giving greater value to the common areas, more spaciousness and always preserving the views towards the luscious garden and pool area. The use of light materials throughout the house allows you to enjoy greater enlightenment inside. Specific high-quality furniture with top functionality was chosen by Negre, such as the two-faces sofa, facing the fireplace and the pool.



DS house is a complete interior architecture project. A design dominated by light tones accompanied by natural materials. A wood centrepiece tailor-made is the main feature of the living area and is used as a division between the entrance and the living room.  Large windows on either side of the property take advantage of the natural light which gleams throughout the living area giving warmth to the chosen oak finishes.



Interior design project at Hotel Saratoga. An urban, warm and contemporary style with natural stone, matched with light oak finishes that are subtly illuminated. The selection of furniture and decoration are chosen for the interior, elegant and high-quality elements create a minimalist ambient that highlights the materials used.



A complete architecture and interior design project of a luxurious dwelling of 922m² surface area and 152m² of terraces, distributed across multiple floors, located in the old city centre of Palma de Mallorca.

Clearly unique in its design, the house is built in a classic minimalist fashion where both these styles are skilfully combined. Highlighting some characteristic elements of the local Mallorcan architecture while combining them with some more minimalistic and contemporary elements. Modernity and tradition in the same setting, where natural materials contrast with sophisticated furniture from renowned manufacturers.


Interior design project focused on functionality and comfort. A redistribution of the entire house has been carried out by using high-quality materials, and specific lighting design to create a modern concept adapted to the client needs. Using spacial awareness and custom furniture design to give a feel of space and take advantage of the light that enters each room.



Interior design project developed in a modernist 600m² building located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. The Fleming Hostel building dates from 1933, with a protected facade, it is listed as a heritage element of the time. The project presents the entire renovation of the complex, seeking for modern comfort while maintaining original elements such as the hydraulic floor with varied mosaics, greenhouse balconies, stairs, ...



Interior design project for the Besso restaurant, located in the surroundings of the seafront in Palma de Mallorca, matching aesthetic beauty with functionality. The roof is covered with oak wood slats whose orientation change according to the different areas and combined with functional use of the lighting, guides the client inside the restaurant. Materials such as glass and light oak are the protagonists of the project.


Interior design project of the new headquarters of Deia Luxe, the most luxurious holiday rental company in the area of Deia, Mallorca. The furniture and decoration proposed in the project combine the natural oak wood colour with blue reminding the sea to adapt the interior to the environment of Mallorca and, Deià specifically. The use of light colours palette and glass doors to allow the entry of natural light achieves greater illumination and comfort in the office.


Comprehensive Management Project of a single-family house in Establiments, managing not only interior design but also project execution. The use of natural stone from Mallorca both inside and outside the house, combined with a modern style is part of the project concept. Simplicity and lightness were the inspiration for the furniture and decoration chosen on this occasion, with a tropical touch but maintaining the Mediterranean inspiration.



Interior design project for the refurbishment of a spectacular house in Port de Soller. An open-concept design in kitchen, dining room and living room is completed with the use of large windows on one entire wall, after which leafy vegetation brings nature and natural light to the interior of the house.

The clean and minimalist style predominates in the interior, through the use of simple lines and natural materials such as stone and oak wood on the kitchen island and bar.


Architecture and interior design project of a spectacular Villa. Thanks to its location facing the sea, the key to the design turn around orienting and capturing the sea views from each room of the house, for which proposal large windows that cover almost the entire main facade was designed. Oak wood predominates inside for both, floor and, walls, with tailor-made designs that serve as a division between the different areas.



A clash of styles and contrasts, this is the interior design project carried out at Weyler. Industrial racks and unfinished cement walls, along with luxury items such as chester sofas and Carrara marble bar. A nod to the old American underground bars of the twenties, where dry law was the order of the day. Marble, leather, wood, Mallorcan tile, iron and cement walls; all guarded by the surreal genius of Dalí's two paintings.