Besso restaurant occupies the premises of 180 m2 located on the ground floor facing a busy street promenade of Palma.

The project examines the circulation of local diners. Combining the orientation of the slats and functional lighting, the different parts of the room are emphasized.

The roof is completely covered with oak slats. These orientation change promptly to communicate and lead the customer. Using a diffuse illumination when the blades change their orientation, and spot lighting when not.

The game passes the horizontal and vertical roof to the vertical partition. Ceiling and chipboard veneered in oak is used, the vertical are solid. A vertical which also plays with light to emphasize the gaps that serve as shelves.

The restaurant is divided into two zones, the first serving bar, while the second and restaurant proper. In the latter bank it has designed a perimeter of more than 23 meters that creates an optimal environment. The tables, containers and other objects, have also been designed for the study.

Along the ropes of straw walls, the resulting aesthetic reminds the floating walkways from the boardwalk. The materials such as glass and white oak are the protagonists in the project.


Client: Besso maritimo
Area: 180 m2
Situation: Paseo marítimo. Palma de Mallorca.

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