CM House

The residence, located in a large plot with a privileged sun exposure in Sa planera was chosen by the family who wanted a quiet and comfortable place to rest and to receive friends and family. The house was build from ground zero and the choice of a modern architecture with only one floor was settled by the clients.
The particularity of this private residence is its wide rectangular shape that eases the cross ventilation during the heat waves of the majorcan summer.

The garden, located both in front/Behind the house, promotes the connection of the spaces with the external areas, where a nice chill out area with fresh grass was created right next to the pool, with a sitting area to gather family and friends. Negre designed a simple look for the water feature, combining a rectangular form with square green tiles that retain focus on the house.

Regarding the interior, the choice of the furniture enriches the space, bringing neutral shades which together with the vegetation of the patio, collaborates with the concept of exaltation of Mallorca, through a mix of textures and materials, bringing a sensation of welcoming, well-being and sophistication.

To create an organic flow conducive to entertaining, Negre decided to opened up the kitchen to the living and dining room. “We made it one big communal space. That really changed everything and gave it much more of a modern feel.”

A large island sits at the heart of the kitchen space with custom cabinetry and natural stone countertops. In the middle of the room, a massive volume is clearing the differents zone such as the living space and the dining space. This center piece, with double use fireplace/TV furniture, combined the sophistication of the natural Stone with the natural oak, materials that are used in the whole project.