NEGRE’s philosophy is guided by the idea that every project is unique; therefore, the goal of our design team is to achieve a customised solution by working together with the client to provide a bespoke service, tailored to their needs, ambitions and budget. Resulting in a project that is both aesthetically beautiful and practical.

NEGRE is its team of specialists and remarkable array of talent within the office. To deliver a project seamlessly, we connect with our entire team to leverage each one’s creativity and knowledge to produce the best outcome.

The process begins with the requirements of the clients concerning their design preferences and very importantly, their budget. These factors are taken very seriously and cannot be underestimated. Taking into account whether the project is a newly built from scratch or a renovation of one with a lot of history. Both these projects can be used to their full advantage. If a project is new, Negre has all the space to develop its own concept and design. However, if a project has a past full of stories, these can also be highlighted to maintain the traditional features by combining it with the modern structures.  The entire project concept is discussed in great detail at the initial reunion so that there are no misconceptions for why things are to be done in certain ways that could not be the preferred option of the client.



NEGRE Studio specializes in turnkey projects, offering a complete package of services covering all phases of the project development from concept until the end of its construction process. This includes architecture, interior design, graphic design, landscaping, furniture, in addition to all the related technical aspects, budgets and permits.

The project begins with creating of the concept at the initial meeting with the client. From this moment on, that same concept is conveyed throughout the development project in each strategy. If for any reason there is an issue, both client and team would meet again to discuss a different method of procedure to create a better solution. This allows the client to confidently know what is going on at each phase and to know that there would not be any upcoming surprises when the project moves forward. Negre’s meticulous attention to detail means our clients have upmost faith in us and can hand over the entire project without a doubt.



In our showroom you will find an exhibition of top-quality materials to choose from that can be used in your project as well as design furniture from leading national and international brands, kitchens, indoor and outdoor lighting, a selection of fabrics for curtain making, upholstery and cushions, as well as accessories; all of it selected by our Studio.

Values behind NEGRE


Over the last 10 years, Negre Studio has developed and changed significantly.

Our passion, inspiration and enthusiasm for what we do is the reason Negre has grown into what is it today and for it being at the forefront of leading specialists in the Balearics for Interior Architecture.

Our philosophy is to create unique experiences and tailored solutions for our clients with a goal to ensure that the client’s personality and style is reflected in each selected material or furniture chosen in the project.


Our passion for what we do and our careful attention to detail is why we have our clients total trust. Each project has a different character and nature; therefore our challenge is to take this into consideration and from it, create a visual influence.


We provide bespoke solutions for every individual client depending on their specific needs and budget. For each project the process of costs and technical implementation must be taken into serious consideration in order for both Negre and the client to be able to optimize the project completion.


Negre has a large team of top specialists in the industry who are very experienced when it comes to choosing top quality furnishings or materials. We work with leading suppliers and brands for interior architecture and this is the first to come across in any of our projects.


At Negre we aim to maximize the concept of space within each project to create a more open area even if the project walls are constricted to its original elements.


Whilst our goal is to have a beautifully aesthetic project, one of our main requirements is also the functionality. The developments must create comfort and ease through effective distribution.


We are always coordinating so that each stage of the project is completed on schedule and ensuring all phases meet its deadline, this is of great importance to us.